Write-In Party Invitations

A Collaboration with Lettering Artist and Letterpress Printer

Cory Smith of Four Hats Press


Party Time

The menu is planned, the date is on the calendar, you’ve selected the perfect group of people to gather around your table—a good mix of new and old friends, the right amount of reserved and gregarious. You’ve already set yourself up for dinner-party success. But, how will you get the word out when an email or text just doesn’t seem right?

Enter: Write-In Party Invites


I’ve teamed up with hand-letterer and letterpress printer, Cory Smith to create a set of customizable party invitations. Simply fill in the details of your affair, be it a rooftop brunch, picnic in the park, or wine-soaked dinner party and drop them in the mail.

Old-fashioned snail mail still has its place, and a party is the apropos occasion for pretty paper.

The Particulars

Sold in sets of 10 cards, each 4.5x6.25” invitation is bordered in a hand-painted design borders and provides write-in blanks, prompting you to fill in the details your guests will need to know: when, what time, where, who, what, and rsvp information. A few extra lines leave room if there are bits of news for your invitees like what to bring or how to dress. Each set comes with accompanying peacock-colored envelopes for sending your invites off in style.

The cards were watercolor-painted by me before being digitally printed and letterpressed by Cory with a touch of hand-lettering.


Life’s too short not to eat, drink, and be merry with friends.

I'm ready to party!