How It Works: Semi-Custom Wedding Invitations

In this post, I'll be guiding you through the steps of the Semi-Custom Wedding Invitation process, and answering frequently asked questions about how it all works. 

My semi-custom wedding collections are a simple and affordable way to incorporate luxurious, heirloom-quality invitations into your wedding experience. Requiring much less time and resources than completely custom suites, I recommend that couples consider semi-custom suites as a perfectly-appointed option for their wedding stationery. If one of the semi-custom collections seems like it may be a good fit for your wedding, follow the outline below and we can make it happen!

STEP 1: Select your collection | Please enjoy perusing the current selection of semi-custom wedding collections! Once you choose, you'll have the option to purchase the collection as a whole or just the individual cards that you need.

STEP 2: Wording and check out | You will be prompted to submit the wording you would like for each card prior to making your purchase. 

STEP 3: Design proofs | Within a week of your purchase, I'll send you drafts of the invitation suite. At this point, you'll review the proofs for accuracy, typos, and final approval. If you need any changes, one round of revisions is included with your purchase. 

STEP 4: Off to print! | Once your design is approved, I will prepare the files and send them to the printer. Once the cards and envelopes are printed, the printer will send them to me for inspection and addressing, if applicable. 

STEP 5: Addressing and Shipping | Once I receive the printed cards and envelopes, I'll address them if you'd like (totally optional), and then ship them to you! If you are ordering custom vintage postage from me, I'll add this to the package as well. I recommend you use this glue stick to adhere the postage.


What is the turnaround time?

Semi-custom invitation suites take about 3-4 weeks to produce, given prompt approval of design drafts.

When should I send out my wedding invitations?

Traditional timing is 8 weeks prior to the wedding. For a destination wedding, most couples mail 12 weeks prior to the wedding. 

Can I see a sample of a semi-custom wedding invitation?

Sure! You can order a sample here.


How It Works: Custom Wedding Invitations

In this post, I'm breaking down the process of how I create custom wedding invitations. This is the comprehensive nuts and bolts version, so you'll know exactly what to expect.


Step 1: Introduction and Education

First thing, I have you tell me what you have in mind as far as types of cards (invitations, save the dates, details cards, etc), quantity of each card, and some brief information on design concept, usually via this form. At this point, I’d love to review any Pinterest boards or other inspiration you may have in mind. Once this form is submitted, we’ll connect to talk about your vision for the design. I usually like to schedule a phone consultation so we can talk about your vision for the wedding, any specific design ideas (not required), and how the stationery will reflect these.

Step 2: Estimate and Contract

Next, I create an estimate for our project. Upon your approval and selection of a la carte items, a 50% deposit of the project cost is due. I'll request wording for each piece (I can help with you this, if you like!), and will send a contract that will outline the terms of our agreement in working together. 

Step 3: Design Phase (YAY)

Next, using the information from our conversation and inspiration we have discussed, I’ll create a custom design suited to your unique taste and wedding! I'll send you first drafts within a 2-3 weeks from the deposit date, and we will revise the work until it is what you would like. You have 3 rounds of revisions included in the original estimate. Each additional round of revisions is $30.00. Usually 2 rounds is adequate.

Step 4: Final Approval and Printing

One we finalize the artwork, the final payment of the remaining balance for project cost is due. Upon payment, I prepare the art for print and send it off to my printing company. They will print and ship the printed cards to me for inspection and addressing. If you don't need addressing or assembly, I will ship the cards and envelopes to you at this point.

Step 5: Finishing and Assembly

If you are purchasing addressing, assembly, or finishing services, I will begin this stage once the cards and envelopes arrive to me. If you are ordering addressing, assembly, or finishing services, please plan to add 2-3 weeks to total project time. Once I complete all finishing work, I will pack the cards and envelopes and ship them to you. For wedding invitation orders, I ship with UPS as they provide guaranteed arrival dates, and I'll send you tracking info via email.


For custom wedding invitations, the timeline is usually about 7-8 weeks from the date you submit your wording, given prompt responses as we revise the design.

Additional Thoughts:


If you are interested in color-curated vintage postage, you can see rates here. If you think vintage postage might be for you, mention this during our consultation, and I'll include this in your estimate.

In the case that I'm not providing your postage, I recommend that you purchase your stamps online from USPS once we have finalized the design and you know exactly what colors we will be using. USPS has a lot of different color options that you can use to coordinate with your suite. Please note, most multi-card invitation suites require 2 ounce postage. At the time of this writing (April 2017), that rate is 70 cents. If you have any questions about appropriate postage, the safest bet is to take your suite in to the post office and have them weigh it and confirm what is required. Post offices can vary a bit in how they process mail, so it's best to check with the office from which you will be mailing. 

Coordinating "Day Of" Paper

If you are interesting in having additional paper items made to coordinate with your invitations (like programs, menus, place cards, etc), I will begin a new phase of work for these after the invitations are finished. 

That's all, folks! If you have any further questions about how the custom process works, please feel free to email me and we can chat.

photo by Jessica Eileen